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Luxury Vehicles in Florida


If you cannot buy a luxury car then, why not rent one?  Yes, we do not have to be affluent in life to have a taste of what it is like to be one. Renting luxury cars here in Miami, Florida is accessible. For the average spender, I guess this will make sense. If we cannot buy an expensive car, then why would we not buy that “expensive feel” we get from riding on a luxury car, but in a more affordable way instead? Sounds practical and logical, right? Here is the good news: Super Cars of Miami offers you the extravagant feel by being on any of these highly sophisticated auto rentals without the worries of spending a lot. Surely, this will not strain your budget but is guaranteed to give you the experience like no other. There are many reasons why people like to have luxury vehicles. For some, it is a signature of wealth and economic status. Others may want it to impress other people by the use of it. On the other side, having an extravagant car is also an investment. Or maybe, others prefer it simply because of the comfort and convenience it gives. Whatever your reason or reasons are, there is nothing wrong with having one, especially when you are in Miami Beach, FLorida where you can roam around the scenic places and beautiful attractions. For sure, you would not like missing any of those places.By the way, Super Cars of Miami, Florida has variety of high-end cars to choose from. Here are some for you to check on:

1. Bentley GTC

2. BMW 650i
3. Cadillac Escalade
4. Mercedes Benz S550
5. Mercedes Benz SL63
6. Range Rover Sport
7. Rolls Royce Drophead
8. Rolls Royce GhostJust to give you a sneak view on how one of our cars for rent look like, let us take a look at a Bentley GTC, just imagine yourself seated on a carefully well-cushioned premium leather seat with a lush cool air coming from its air con while gently gripping on its ergonomically designed steering wheel. From the exterior, the Bentley GTC looks shimmery in black with no slight scratch or line visible to the scrutinizing eye. Its paint is no doubt one of the most finesse touches you can ever imagine giving you the regal look that will surely captivate every eye and make every head turns in an overwhelming feeling of admiration. Totally magnificent in its kind. Its grille, found between its four elliptical lights, is like a neatly knitted platinum strips ducked in chrome posing an elegant look to every spectator. If you are a car fan you will definitely know and understand what we were trying to picture here. We do not just mean any cars; we mean luxury cars at its finest. And we guarantee you that any of these will surely showcase what sophistication and luxury is. Photos are posted in our website for better view.Any of our luxury rental cars will give you these sound features that will surely rock your way to renting one:

1. Sophisticated interior design.

Aside from the leather seats, carpets, trims etc., our cars have a temperature control system which allow easy adjustment especially during extreme temperatures; light control system where passengers can choose either to add or lessen brightness to suit their preferred ambiance; and noise reduction feature which is ideal to lessen outside noise from coming in.

2. Smooth handling and manuever.

Our cars are smooth to manuever as each of these has the most advance system in suspension technology.

3. Excellent Audio-Video Functioning.

Aside from the typical entertainment system like the CD players, high definition monitors, speakers and the like, drivers and passengers can actually attach their phones to the car and enjoy a Bluetooth-data transfer, just to name a few.

4. Safety Features.

Air Bags have been in existence for a while, but aside from these, our cars are equipped with functionalities such as the Traffic Alert, among others. All of these cars for rent are guaranteed to have met prevailing international safety standards. Also, door locks are remote control, thus saving you time in case of lost keys.

5. Engine power.

All of our cars use the latest in automatic transmission and engine speed.  Our cars are fuel-efficient thus, making you save a lot.So, if you are planning to surprise your girlfriend or loved ones a special treat, why not consider a ride to any of the astounding destinations around Miami Beach, FLorida in an equally astonishing car that is supreme in its built, design and features. Your ride will definitely bring you closer to each other while enjoying the sights around Miami, FL. Plus, imagine being together cruising around the streets of Miami Beach, FL while breathing through the cool night breeze as the two of you share your romantic night with the dazzling lights all over the city. Surely, this will make your girl loves you more. Sometimes, it only takes a small preparation and a little budget to make every moment extra special.  Super Cars of Miami, FLorida is here to help you out with this idea. Also, we are not only limited to luxury car rentals, we also offer exotic car rentals.Now, you might be thinking about the amount of bucks you have to spend to make this special moment work. No need to worry as we have a range of prices to select from depending on the length of hours, days or weeks you will be renting the car. Prices may vary too depending on the type of cars chosen.So if you are thinking for a lamborghini rental, luxury suv rental or luxury sports cars rental here in Miami, consider booking with us and we will assure you of top of the line vehicles at a very reasonable price. Plus, we have our friendly and accommodating sales personnel who can assist you of your car specifications and requirements.