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Are you planning of having an adventure escapade this weekend? Or are you around Miami Beach, FL and you wanted to have a blast on your vacation? Pumping up and ecstatic to look for an exotic car rental in Miami, FL that suits your style? The number 1 exotic car rental in Miami offers the most advanced and glamorous transportation in the area. While there are tons of reasons why Exotic Car Rental Miami Group is the top choice for exotic car rentals, here are some of them that will surely make those fingers of yours dial up their reservation number today.

1.) Offers Elite Exotic CarsThis luxury car rental company offers a premier exotic luxury automobile in Florida. Here, you can rent the most elite cars that you are dreaming of. Trust this company and you will surely experience the most unforgettable driving experience in Miami.  This is definitely the perfect destination for luxurious and supreme transportation.They offer elite cars that fit for any occasion. Whether you want to impress prospect business partners or make an unforgettable mark with your “dream girl” – the perfect cars are all here. Or, perhaps you have a wedding or other formal event and you would like to arrive with prestige! With the high class Miami exotic car rental any party will not end without you making a statement with your level up exotic car.They have the most advanced and elite luxury cars. When we talk about car choices, you can select from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, Bugatti, Cadillac, Bentley and Porsche rentals. Their cars are fit for any event and for every unique personality of their clients.2.) Customer SatisfactionCustomer satisfaction means giving a high quality service to customers. It is meeting the clients need beyond their expectation. We are all customers in different ways and we always wanted to have every detail of our request be done perfectly. Agree? We just wanted to get our money’s worth. Different products and services have been offered all around the globe and we wanted to avail the ones with outstanding offers. We were flooded with options when it comes to car rentals especially through internet, so why not choose the excellent one.They also have the most trained and knowledgeable customer service representative. When you call them today at, you will be answered by their agents who are erudite when it comes to exotic cars. Also, they have several agents so rest assured that you will be entertained at first dial!3.) Offers High Maintenance Exotic CarsAside from offering variety of exotic cars, they also ensure safety for their clients. Although they won’t be driving for you, they have made sure that all their cars are well-maintained. Their technical and mechanical teams are all professionals and experts when it comes to exotic cars so rest assured that you will be driving with the safest prestige car.4.) They value their clientsThis exotic car rental in Miami Beach values their clients, both the old and new ones. They recognize that aside from offering world class cars, they also need to establish a culture that creates and maintains relationship with their clients. Plus, they provide a stress-free booking, rental and return process.5.) Experience an unforgettable ride with Porsche PanameraIf you desire for a car that does not compromise its glamour both inside and outside then Porsche Panamera rental is the perfect pick for you. With its exquisite exterior and captivating interior who would not fall in love in renting one and use for the next Miami Beach excursion.Another reason why you should choose this car is that it is an “attention grabber”. Admit it – it is a plus when someone recognizes the kind of car you are driving. While the engine is one of the most important things to check for cars, Porsche Panamera won’t compromise style and elegance. This car will definitely grab anyone’s attention at first glance.6.) Be on the wheels with most balanced car styleLooking for a salon car or a sports car? Weighing between power and efficiency? Simple decisions to make – avail and indulge you with car rental luxury.7.) Porsche Panamera offers articulate conceptPorsche Panamera model features Bi-Xenon main headlights, the 18-inch Panamera wheels, the two single-tube tailpipes of the exhaust system and the automatic rear hatch. Other standard features of the Panamera are cruise control, Tyre Pressure Monitoring (TPM), automatic climate control and the CDR audio system. 8.) Quality Driving PerformancePorsche Panamera model features direct fuel injection (DFI) that improves the cooling of combustion chamber – thus enhances engine efficiency. It also features VarioCamPlus System which enables the car with an immediate acceleration and exceptionally suave running as well as amazing acceleration power with relatively low fuel consumption. This luxury suv rental will certainly be something to be considered.9.) Safety is top priorityWhile many types of car say the same thing, Porsche Panamera is surely one of the best when it comes to safety. With the Porsche Stability Management or PSM that monitors its direction and speed, who wouldn’t give this car a try. Another safety measure is their lighting concept that has the LED beam that is extraordinarily great and provides brilliant lighting of the road. Not to mention their advanced airbag and seatbelt system as well as their anti-theft protection.10.) Advanced and innovative interior for comfortDriving is made easy when you consider Porsche Panamera Rental. Whether you are looking forward for a comfy or sporty ride, you can have both with this model. It has seat ventilation that evaporates sweat moistures – thus having the car a relaxed atmosphere. Its steering wheel features two ergonomic gearshift switches for manual gear selection and offers expedient control of audio, telephone and navigation functions as well as the on-board computer.So what are you waiting for? Make those road trip plans into reality! Get an adventure ride around Miami, FL and call the best Miami auto rental service there is in town. Go grab your phone and dial up today.  Never miss what Exotic Car Rental Miami Group can offer you!