Miami Exotic Car Rental


Whether you are looking for a Miami Exotic Car Rental for a date or to experience Miami in it’s finest in a fine ride, we got a line of exquisite cars that will surely give you the realization of the ride of your dreams! Our cars and services not only give you pleasing and luxurious aesthetics; we also guarantee comfort, safety, and convenience so all you have to think about is enjoying your itinerary.

For impeccable Exotic Car Rental Miami, look no further. We always ensure excellence in customer service and top notch driving experience matching the splendor of Miami, Florida. Our fleet of luxurious and exotic cars assures safety and comfort when you roll with them. Check out the overview of our fleet of luxury cars to help you decide which ride matches your requirements:

1. 2014 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG. This 2-seater, front engine luxury grand tourer automobile features gull wing doors and is considered a sporty track-oriented car, hence the SLS in its name. This sporty deluxe also boasts it’s comfy and safety features; so long as you drive mindfully, you can be worry free. With an estimated value of $250,000 and only fewer than 200 of its kind in the United States, the 2014 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG is one of the most expensive and sought after luxury cars and you can get your hands on this black diamond special with us.

2. Mercedes Benz S550. Belonging to the S class, this darling has always been synonymous with luxury. Its classy comfort and stunning coupe features won’t disappoint anyone. Truly elegant from inside and out. S550’s exterior has superior statuette and the interior has leather upholstery, cabin air purification system, power rear window sunshade and other powerful features. All of these promising offerings for a cozy Miami drive and tour.

3. Mercedes Benz SL63 is for the young and the young at heart who love fast cars, and of course, fast driving. SL63 is fabulously fast and because it is convertible you can experience the wind and the sunshine as you drive down the Miami roads. All it’s convenient and safety features promise pleasant driving experience you will surely enjoy.

4. Porsche Panamera is always in the run for topnotch performance, superb exterior, and first class interiors. You no longer have to choose between power and efficiency because Panamera takes both. Thinking about space? This sexy sports car gives you enough room that stretch limos boast of. Completely awesome! All in all, Porsche Panamera is ideal for fast car enthusiasts that also require space, comfort, and security.

5. Range Rover Sport offers a luxurious interior and first class performance on and off road. Whether you are travelling alone, for two, with family or friends, this exotic sporty is the best choice for all around vehicle. With its spacious interiors, relaxing seats, and its well engineered engine, you can just enjoy the whole driving experience.

6. Audi R8 is truly a supercar in its own right. Its luscious external and internal features are enviable yet easy to live with and delightful to drive. In spite of its luxurious attributes, this supercar is built with lightweight aluminum constructions that make it easy to work with. Built for long, fast drives, Audi R8 is a darling that sports car aficionados keep their eyes on. If you are one of them, you can thank us later.

7. Bentley GTC is a favorite of renowned celebrities – even millionaires and billionaires – for its lush facet. The paint alone is one of the few richest everyone who knows luxury cars can set eyes on. The Continental spells LUXURY in all its form. Carefully manufactured, there’s not a single hair of flaw you can see inside and out. Of course, this car is not all about physical perfection but topnotch performance and safety. There’s no wonder why everyone who gets to experience Bentley GTC easily falls in love with it.

8. BMW 650i is a high performance exotic beauty that represents elegance and power. The convertible lets you enjoy driving around the Miami breeze and sunshine while you drive with class and comfort. Whether you are looking for car rental for two or just for yourself to enjoy, this superior exotic car is absolutely one of the best company!

9. Rolls Royce Drophead proves excellent, almost unbelievable, performance for terrain driving. With superb mechanical features and a cabin fit for royalties you can only drive with pleasure. Rolls Royce Drophead is totally a head turner. One can no less than be impressed seeing one and if you are taking a romantic partner around Miami for a drive, this car is absolutely a lovey-dovey. A glamorous, mighty car perfect that makes a perfect company to enjoy the beauty of Miami.

10.   Rolls Royce Ghost maintains its hyper luxury status in spite of the fact that it is the most affordable Rolls Royce. With its upgraded navigation system and sophisticated features, this exotic car is utterly another head turner.

Our fleet of exotic cars available for rent is undoubtedly in superior condition that guarantees A plus performance and road worthiness, and of course comfort that treats you like a royalty. Sit back, relax, and marvel the beauty of Miami or simply enjoy the ride of your dreams. Yes, riding your dream car is right at your fingertips!

Call us or visit us to see our exotic and luxury cars for rent that will fit your requirements. Our professional yet friendly staff is ready to show you the cars and can also make excellent recommendations should you need one. Our price is unmatched by any other Miami exotic car rental. Because our goal is to let you drive your dream ride, enjoy the special occasion you are renting the car for, or simply make the Miami drive experience unforgettable with utmost comfort and safety at a price you won’t think twice of. So give us a call and we are ready for you!