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Do you need a luxury vehicle for your out-of-town trips? Or do you want to join in sports events but you don’t have a car to use? Well, Car Rentals in Miami will have it for you. Give us a call right now at and our staffs will answer all your queries about our service for cars for rent.


1) Exotic Car Rental Miami Group

 We offer a wide selection of the finest and most famous luxury SUV rental in the world that you will need to use in any of your occasions, special events or just by pleasure.
 Some of the rental cars are the Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes Benz, Porsche Panamera, Cadillac, Bentley and any other prestigious vehicle in Miami. All of those vehicles are accessible to rent.
 Various sizes are available for our cars for rent so that it can accommodate every person within a group along with all of their luggage items.
 We offer the most complete and popular collection of exotic car rentals, luxury car rentals and sports cars rentals in Miami, South Beach, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Hollywood, California, Las Vegas, Manhattan, the Hamptons, and Long Island, New York.Whether you need a car rental in Miami for your sports events or you have some places you need to go to like business trips or you just want to stroll over the city riding on a stylish vehicle that will surely stand out. Whatever reasons you have for you to rent a car, surely the company has a lot to offer. Miami Luxury Car Rental is the ultimate shop for those people who want to take pleasure in a famous and luxurious life at a low-cost.

Mercedes Benz is one of the available rental cars that Luxury Car Rentals offers. Its name says it all. Mercedes is known as a world class leader in fine automobiles. It is the world’s oldest automotive brand that still exists up to now. It is one of the top luxury brands of vehicles offered by Mercedes Benz Rental because of its solid reputation, determined standards in quality manufacturing, and its ability to remain historical, yet innovative.

2) Our Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

 This special version in the form of a racing car with the doors and the modern wing make this car a dream for many people.
 It has been the apex of the luxury automaker’s sports car lineup since 2011.
 It is a luxury grand tourer automobile developed by Mercedes-AMG to replace the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. The real assessment is how this supercar stacks up to its competition, though there is nobody out there that can compete with it.
 This car is the first Mercedes automobile designed in-house by AMG and it is labeled by Mercedes-Benz as a spiritual successor to the Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing.
 It perfectly balances muscle and elegance in its body design that is why it is inclined to be one of the few supercars in the world.
 Under the shapely hood lurks of the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG, a forceful 6.2-liter V8 engine that produces 563 horses and plenty of stares.
 The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG gives enhanced driving dynamics and even better race track performance. It is fabulously fast and unique supercar that get back to the Gullwings of yore.
 It is an automatic 7-speed transmission in the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG rental that assures complete supervision and comfort. It brings this transmission to shift in a more receptive manner when you put it in manual mode, giving you racecar-like performance.
 The interior of this model is soaked in fine dual-tone leathers and it gives a super sports-car achievement that starts with a superlative spaceframe. More of a sporty look and it adds a racecar feel to it. You will surely love the fascinating charcoal coat and its comfort of handling.

3) Mercedes Benz SLS AMG interior features:

 Has a set of sports seats. These seats are covered in leather with Alcantara center sections and a decorated badge on each headrest.
 The leather with Alcantara extends to the door panels, giving the interior a very comfortable, soft-touch feel.
 The entire interior is wrapped in black, but the seatbelts and the red accent stitching help contrast the black nicely. You will find this contrasting stitching on the seats, floor mats, center console, door panels, and dashboard.
 All modern electronics and amenities are on the interior, likely creating the image of a jet cockpit rather than a coupe! Cool isn’t it?
 And for the extra-sporty look, you can optimize for the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Interior Carbon-Fiber package.

4) Mercedes Benz SLS AMG exterior features:

 It is added in the dark accents and it carried this theme into the interior.
 You will find high-gloss-black AMG trim on the center console, the door panel lining, the cross-shaped air vents, and the metal insert on the steering wheel.
 The steering wheel is a flat-bottomed piece with a red dot at the 12 o’ clock position, so you can easily find the center. Indeed, it is an ultra-powerful buggy. You can also use this for your sports events like racing. Driving on this kind of model by Mercedes is a brilliant experience and at Exotic Rental Cars can say that this is a true driver’s car.Are you excited to ride on our luxury cars of your dreams? At Miami Luxury Car Rental, we will make your dream turn into a reality. Try to experience the extravagant way of driving with our Mercedes Benz SLS AMG and be amazed of the fun and comfort it brings. Why don’t you give us a call right now, contact us at to avail our complete packages and experience a luxurious trip for a reasonable price with Mercedes Benz SLS AMG rental in Miami !