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If you enjoyed cruising in the city with your regular vehicle or having fun in doing an adventure off the road, much more that you will get to enjoy more of the excitement and comfort it brings on our exotic and luxury cars that Car Rental Miami offers. We provide the latest trend of luxury car rentals in Miami at a very low-cost. Go check it out and give us a call today at to know more information about our car rentals.

1) About the Exotic Car Rental Miami Group

 We offer the highest quality car rental in Miami and we supply a wide variety of the magnificent and most prestigious cars for rent in the world that will suit in any of your special events, occasions or in any particular moments that you will need a car.
 We provide an exotic and luxury cars like the Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes Benz, Porsche Panamera, Cadillac, Bentley and any other stunning vehicle in Miami.
 .  We guarantee you that you will get an outstanding experience whenever you ride on one of our Luxury Cars Rental.
    We offer the most complete and trendy collection of exotic car rentals and luxury car rentals in Miami, South Beach, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Hollywood, California, Las Vegas, Manhattan, the Hamptons, and Long Island, New York.
   Our goal is to give you satisfaction where-in luxury meets the great outdoors.Talking about one of the luxury vehicles we offer in Miami Rentals is the Mercedes Benz. The name says it all. Mercedes is popularly known as a world class leader in great automobiles. It is the world’s oldest automotive brand that up to now it still exists. It is one of the top extravagant brands of vehicles offered by Miami Luxury Car Rental because of its solid character, determined standards in quality manufacturing, and its ability to remain historical, yet creative.

2) Comfortable Cruising

 From the famous luxury cars of Mercedes Benz, the G63 is a luxury SUV with a military heritage that was designed for the weathered outdoors. It combines with a style, comfort, power, technology, and safety.
 G63 belongs to the G-class or in some areas it is what they called the G-Wagen, a short for Geländewagen or cross-country vehicle. It is a four-wheel drive full-size luxury SUV.
 The power is brought directly to your fingertips by a 544-hp 5.5-liter twin-turbo equipped V8 engine with an AMG Speedshift 7-speed automatic transmission. Bringing the heavy SUV to a halt are new perforated brake discs measuring 14.8 x 1.42 inches at the front and 13 x 0.79 inches at the rear.
 It combines a fuel-saving ECO Start/Stop feature that automatically shuts off the engine whenever the vehicle is idle. Once you released the brake, the engine starts right away for instance acceleration response.
 The position in a vertical driving is a bit old school, and as is the steeply angled windscreen and shallow dashboard.
 The great thing about the G-Class is that it is not only an off-road vehicle but it is supplied with standard luxury features such as a leather interior, bi-xenon headlights, premium wood trim, rain-sensing wipers, HDD navigation system, rear parking assistance with camera, and dual zone climate control.

3) Luxury and Satisfaction

 The passengers are surrounded by tall glass windows, with a good perch ahead over the hood.
 The seats are quite finely formed and this newer versions of the G-Wagon has plenty of power on tap.
 The rear compartment is equipped with a special center console complete with its own COMAND interface control wheel.
 It is first-rate upholstery and trim, with a four electrically adjustable individual seats are heated and ventilated. It includes a heated-steering wheel, and a leather-padded dash
 The handcrafted, modern cabin makes this Mercedes a treat for drivers and passengers alike.
 Inside the cabin, both driver and passengers are met with all modern entertainments and upgrades. Their standard feature includes the following: Parktronic, Distronic Plus and Hill Start Assist.
 The cabin is also supplied with dual-zone climate control.
 You can customize each seat in 10 directions, and the settings can be saved to memory by multiple individuals.

4) Safety Features

 The drivers can rely on the multiple safety features of this vehicle and it would greatly simplify its driving experience. This feature includes a rearview camera, a mirrors equipped with Blind Spot Assist that will help you sense your surroundings, for added safety when changing lanes or maneuvering in tight quarters. and an audible and illuminated displays detecting nearby objects.
 For driving in highways, it automatically adjusts the vehicle’s speed setting to the speed of surrounding traffic with its flexible cruise control feature, until it can continue to a normal speed once the road is clear.Those mentioned above are just few of the many high-end technologies and innovations that Mercedes has incorporated into the G63 standard package. And this is why the Mercedes Benz G63 rental is an excellent option for a temporary transportation. It is undoubtedly that we only offer cool and stunning vehicles that will surely standout. What more can you ask for? If you’re looking for an impressive SUV and a value on-the-road comfort and manners more than ultimate off-road ability, you will definitely want to check out our Mercedes-Benz G63. Elegance and understated luxury comes standard on this Mercedes-Benz G-Class. This is popularly known by many people, the G-Class has become a household name in the field of quality and fame. At Luxury Car Rental Miami, we only provide the best and the satisfaction guaranteed for our customers. Take on Miami in style and comfort and experience the fun and pleasure it brings when you choose us for your car rental service. Getting your hands on the wheel of the best has never been easier when you rent a Mercedes Benz G63. Call us now at to avail our complete packages for a budget-friendly price. Experience the cruise with Mercedes Benz in Exotic Car Rental Miami Group at its finest!