Ferrari California Rental

Have you been considering in renting a Ferrari but you also have a desire for some experiment? Well, Exotic Car Rental Miami will absolutely the luxury car rental you should hire. The Ferrari California Rental represents the break of some of the classic Ferrari models and offers an unconventional and revitalizing luxury driving experience. The Ferrari California is the only Grand-Toured manufactured by Ferrari to date, and it is also considered as the most outstanding in many categories.

The Ferrari California drives just as well as its sports car siblings, retaining its firmness and sharpness, with the same springs, tires and multi-link suspension and navigation. Ferrari has returned the magneto rheological dampers to be suit to the additional laid back driving style of their convertibles without a limitation.The Ferrari California gorgeous design also features an adaptable hard top which is perfect for any weather conditions and in any occasions. The new Ferrari California is surely satisfying even to the toughest owners in terms of its excellent vehicle dynamics and there driving pleasure. Rent out this car today in Miami Exotic Car Rentals and experience the enjoyment that the finest Ferrari has to offer.

1) High-performance Grand-Toured

• This high-performance front-engine luxury cabriole was launched in year 2008 as a two-door, four setters (2+2) with a retractable hard-top roof that opens and closes in under 14 seconds.When you will rent a Ferrari California

• You will be driving the first Ferrari with a front engine V8 with a folding metal roof, and direct petrol injection plus a dual clutch transmission, awesome right?

• The design also represents a total break from the Ferrari norm, enhancing the 1957 Ferrari California 250, with a wiry air intake on the top, a long bonnet and a traveler area that is weighted towards the back of the car. All the mention features of this amazing car make the Ferrari California the smoothest Ferrari ever made plus it has combination of an amazing performance and excellent stability which will last for long and will surely give you an unforgettable driving experience

• The Ferrari California Rental is the first Ferrari Gran Truisms with a mid-front 8-cylinder engine which makes it an uncompromisingly vehicle and also with its sportiness and versatility, guarantying the maximum driving pleasure with a characteristic of cars from Maranello. The Ferrari California is an adaptable GT with retractable hard-top which is making it a car with a dual soul.

2) A Light-weight Car yet Heavy in Performance

The Ferrari California features Gran Turismo 8 cylinder mid-front engines with an average speed of 193 mph accelerating from 0 to 60mph and that is just for less than 4 seconds. This model Ferrari is the first to include a double clutch gearbox with 7 gears, yes you heard it right! Unveil at the 2011 Frankfurt motor show, the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider 2012 is the cabriolet version is the most ultimate Ferrari ever made. It was the first mid-engine which has a retractable hardtop convertible from Ferrari; renting this Ferrari California puts you behind the wheel of an unconquerable supercar and is powered by a sensational 4.5 L V8 engine plus a seven-speed dual-clutch with an automatic gearbox transmission. This awesome machine can sprint from 0-100 km/h (62 mph) with in 3.4 seconds, and shoot up to a furious top speed of more than 198 mph.

3) Feel the Comfort and enjoy this Luxury Car Rental Miami Vehicle

A Coupe, a Spider, a dynamic luxury sports car; the Ferrari California is the beautiful mixture of Italian Exotic and a luxury automobile. The FC is versatile enough for its renter to enjoy the long journeys on the open road, yet offers the efficiency of a daily use vehicle.The Ferrari California in Miami Luxury Car Rental is a driving machine that has classic style, conventional craftsmanship, and an unmatched personal appeal and it is surprisingly comfortable and its exterior and interior are both designed in the drivers ease in mind.It is created for the Envisioned and constructed around offering the handler specific options to fit in their lifestyle, this vehicle is loaded with characteristically attractive odds and ends that only the Ferrari brand can offer. A retractable hard-top allows the Ferrari California to easily convert in desirable weather.It is the first Gran Turismo unit with a 90° V8 engine with fuel direct addition which allows the handler to reach the speeds of up to 193 miles per hour. The engine creates the famous sound of Ferrari, and produces a ride that is so smooth and incomparable. The designers other infotainment system, with a 6.5-inch touch-screen display which offers easy functionality and is equipped with the traditional slatted radiator grill, tear drop lighting, vent system, discrete lines and specific body design, the Ferrari California is the personification of a vehicle that was born to be driven, respected, and enjoyed by only the most excellent of luxury car rental fanatics.4.) Luxury Car Rental Miami Satisfaction GuaranteedThe Ferrari California represents a new direction for the well-known Italian automaker and is an entirely-new kind of car. It combines the smooth handling of a front-mounted 460 hp V8, the ultimate flexibility of a hard-top convertible yes it It’s a coupe! And it’s a convertible! The silky-smooth shifting of a 7-speed double-clutch transmission to be exact there is one word to defined Ferrari California it’s awesome. And in addition to this it is also our first non-red Ferrari. Load up in the California and you’ll rocket to 60mph in way under 4 seconds that’s 3.5 to be exact. Drop the top and the tour along the shore, or put the top up and tear up a mountain road. You’ll move naturally with the double-clutch transmission and all while you look like a pro.7.) Luxury Rental Car yet in affordable priceThis car is now available for rental in Florida settle our car rental deal offer about this luxury car rental only here in Miami Exotic Car Rental and the latter is also available for rental in New York with a shipping fee and for minimum of 3 days rental. All the daily rentals include 125 miles/day while weekly rentals include 700 miles/week. Additional mileage is billed at $2.00/mile. With transport add $125 per hour. No matter how you drive the Ferrari California, this is one rental car experience you surely would not want to miss.So what are you waiting for, call us right now and experience driving Ferrari California like your own! Reserved now and take your Miami Tours!