Ferrari 458 Italia Spider Rental

The Ferrari 458 Italia has put the bar to a whole new level; the new Ferrari 458 Italia Spiders had raised it. Just like all of their remarkable luxury sports cars this Ferrari 458 Italia Spiders is now accessible for pick-up at Exotic Car Rental Miami services.

With this Ferrari’s new release of this topless Spider version of the car they have introduced in the year 2013, this new Ferrari 458 Italia Spiders can took you to a whole new driving experience with its high density engine and it can overwhelm your ears with its sweetest tone and will definitely tolerate the amazing South Florida sun to shine directly on your face.

Want to find out if there is a Ferrari 458 Italia Spiders that is available for rental in Miami Car Rental services? Yes Absolutely! We have this new Ferrari 458 in Exotic Miami Rental, We also had sets a new standard for our super “affordable” car rentals which will surely provide a powerful performance, and definitely a solid navigation and as well as its superior style. With this new Ferrari 458 Italia Spiders you will surely have the greatest driving experience.

1)    Be Amazed with its High-performance

·        An its all-new design, this Ferrari 458 Italia Spiders was builds on wonderful success and arrives with this larger 4.5L capacity and a  V8 motor that pump out an deadening 562hp.

·        Have you ever wonder what it feels like to alter a luxurious car? This new Ferrari 458 Italia Spider is much more than like that with its instant and perfect shifts that appear to happen before you’ve completed pulling its paddle, thanks for the double clutch.

·        The power of this new Ferrari 458 Italia Spider is beyond absolutely words. The handling of it is just so perfect. And when the Ferrari 458 Italia is cruising around the city, it’s absolutely amazing when you strike its gas on the road, although it comes to life like no other Ferrari. What makes the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider a remarkable rental is it is much more than purely its fast engine.

·        The Ferrari 458 Italia Spider Rental has an interior worthy of the rental price with its amazing features like its better-quality leather, the high-quality materials use and with this it can only emphasizes an estimable balance among luxury and driving ease. Well its seat is designed plenty of its back support, with a comfortable reach to the steering-wheel. The Ferrari 458 Italia Spider in Miami Car Rental provides wide body and elbow room for the luggage at the back of the seats. Cause what is really the point of showing up the style if you can’t prove it in a Ferrari 458 Italia Spider Rental. The amazing thing about this Ferrari 458 Italia Spider was it is visible, especially with this spider exotic which is adaptable through its high rear trunk, and its wide studs.

2.) A Light-weight Vehicle yet Heavy in Performance

·        The Ferrari 458 Italia Spider is not just a luxury sports car but it has that, with its aluminum and firm top but still preserving its soft lines. Fully incorporated into the car, the hardtop fits neatly in front of the engine bay without affecting the aerodynamics or performance and the framework is uncompromised by the loss of the fixed roof’s arrangement. So what are you waiting for raise the roof and feel the resound of that V8 engine and just enjoy and have an exchangeable driving experience.

·        The Ferrari 458 Italia set a new standard for Ferrari in styling & performance inside and out. With its 562hp 4.5L V8 power plant matched up to a 7 Speed dual clutch F1 gearbox just makes it an amazing skill on and off the track.

·        The uncovered-down of the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider racing version of the coupe had everything remove that did not add to performance and speed. The end result was a rental 240 pounds lighter, and also sported 20 added horsepower.

3.) Feel the Comfort and enjoy this Luxurious Vehicle

Good news to all of us, Luxury Car Rental Miami, can deliver you the sport car you hire. This Ferrari 458 Italia Spider is a very an  exceptional and exotic car who offers us  an outstanding performance with its 570hp and a 3,4 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. Drive the Ferrari 458 Italia, And you end up with the Ferrari Italia Spider. You can surely enjoy the sunshine and  the sea breeze and most especially the retractable roof systems who folds away in its compartiment under its engine.

4.) Ferrari 458 Italia Spider Rental in Miami Luxury Car Rental is Satisfaction Guaranteed

So we ask you why you would wait to drive this incredible Ferrari 458 Italia Spider when you can rent it from Exotic Miami Car Rental today. Ferrari 458 Italia Spider is available for rent in Miami Florida; it will surely brighten your day and check one more thing off of your container list. Exotic Miami Car Rental is excited to be one of very few in the world to offer the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider for rent. Our Ferrari 458 Spider that is available for rent in South Florida is a typical and dazzling exotic vehicle one would dream to ride someday, with its Russo Red paint and Black Leather interior and just sitting in our 458 Spider rental shouts drop the top and enjoy in South Florida. So what are you waiting for? Rent this car and it is a satisfaction guaranteed.

The Ferrari 458 Italia Spider set the bar to a new height the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider raised it. Like the rest of our West Coast fleet, this vehicle is now available for delivery to the San Francisco Bay Area on-demand. Whether you’re in Palo Alto, San Jose, Marin County, and the East Bay so what are you waiting for rent now and we’ll make your dream come true in riding this magnificent exotic car, here in Exotic Car Rental Miami Group.