Bentley GTC Rental

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When it comes to luxury and exotic cars, the Bentley name is very well known for the sophistication, grace, and style the cars possess. That’s why, when it comes time for you to drive around the Miami, Florida area with an exotic car, look no further than a great Bentley GTC rental. With a Bentley GTC, you will be getting:

1) An amazing exterior design
Bentley is definitely known for their swanky and beautiful exterior design on all of their cars. The face of the Bentley GTC looks like it was made from a solid metal front. The head lamps have the distinctive large style that the company is known for and they frame either side of the typical Bentley mesh grille. The body line is very sleek, and seems to sweep back from the front wheel to the rear wheel, speaking to the sophistication of both the car and the driver.

2) Comfortable interior designed for style
The front seats of the interior are designed in a cobra style, which makes the area both spacious and comfortable. The design allows for easy access to the rear seats, and the leather is very soft to the touch. The seams and edges of each seat are very precisely defined, while the instrument graphics are beautifully elegant, with a soft white backlight.

3) Overall excitement and style
Let’s face it, when you’re in a Bentley GTC, you are going to turn heads and spark a conversation. Everything from the grill on the exterior, to the chrome dials on the interior, is fabulous and chic. A Bentley GTC is the best way to show up to a high end Miami night club with your fabulous date.

No matter what your reason for needing an exotic car for your stay in Miami, the Bentley GTC rental is sure to fit your needs. With its stunning and sleek exterior, and comfortable yet stylish interior, you are sure to turn heads and make some new friends along the way.

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