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How Would You Like to Race Across the Miami Highway in Your Very Own Luxury Vehicle, As Onlookers Gaze Upon You With Awe and Admiration?

Having some problem looking for an expensive exotic getaway vehicle? Or simply want to drive a luxury for a day to impress your special someone? Now, worry no more! As we give you solution to your problem. Call us today and you decide which exotic car you would like to rent on Exotic Car Rentals Miami as we provide high end cars available for rentals in Miami, Florida. Have a tour around the city of Miami with the great impressive car for rent. No worries for we can give you cheap exotic cars of your need.

1.) Luxury Rental Car is just Call Away

The best way we can solve all your vehicle rental problem is just between your finger tips, Call now at and solved all your worries in looking for a perfect car to drive with. Whatever purpose you have in renting our gorgeous luxury cars, we never fail to give our customers only the best exotic cars among the rest. We always aim to give our clients the satisfaction in renting our exotic luxury cars. With our professional staffs that will guide you in choosing only the auto rentals available, you will surely love to discuss with them as they are all conversant and reliable staffs on giving the perfect information needed on every luxury rental cars.

2.) Experience our Best and Latest Luxury Cars for Rent

Eager to the drive home our Luxury SUV`s? Why not choose from our car rental list, as we can give you all the perfect luxury car choices from Rolls Royce Ghost, Mercedes Benz SLS AMG, Bentley, Range Rover, Audi8, Cadillac Escalade, BMW and a lot more to choose from. Find the perfect Luxury car that suits your personal taste, or perhaps you would need a much more bigger car for family`s outing, Beach Service, or for Church trips, or for a Wedding entourage, Executive or Corporate trips along Miami areas. Name what kind and type of car you need and we`ve got it for you! And you will be happy to drive with you our affordable car rental luxury.

3.) Cars for Rent and their brief Specification Reviews

It is always wise and sound to read or research first and pick the best choice for your luxury car rental needs. To come up with only the best auto rental deals and offers in Miami, FL. So now let us discuss some brief Luxury Car Specification to be your guide. Here are some of the Lists.

• Rolls Royce Ghost – Undeniably Effortless, Elegant and very well Crafted giving the driver a very lay back effortless driving. With 4 door Sedan Base, 563 Horsepower & 575 lb-ft of Torque Twin Turbo V12,With a full speed of 180mph, sure a perfect auto car rental to eye on.

• Mercedes-Benz S550 – One of the most Iconic designs built by the Mercedes Benz company, it has its modern accent yet still has the classic Mercedes Looks. With its performance speed engine of V-8 with 6 speed automatic transmission and has 382 horsepower that will satisfy your agility of speed performance. Drive with comfort and elegance, ready to fasten your seatbelt as you drive furiously, with this kind of exotic vehicle you will certainly never go wrong as you drive on its beauty and speed all the year round.• Porsche Panamera- This luxury car will grabbed everybody`s attention from the very first glance. No more questions ask! See it to believe!. Such remarkable design not only on its exterior but also extend to its interior design and engine power as well. It has (DFI) Features or Direct Fuel Injection to enhance engine efficiency that helps improves the cooling of combustion chambers. But with low fuel consumption because of its VarioCamPlus System features that let the car accelerates on a great speed. Porsche Panamera is certainly of elegance and style. Definitely one of the best luxury car rental options to be considered.• Range Rover Sport- Considered to be the grandest world class exotic car available in Exotic Car Rental Miami because of its High class performance. It is known to be the fastest car ever invented. Sporty as it is on its kind yet stylish and elegantly made. It is also designed methodically for its kind of purpose whether you are on and off road still Range Rover Sport provides comfort and satisfaction on its riders. Such built for curvy and thrilling terrain but the best thing is that this type of vehicle is always responsive and delivers a good performance whether travel conditions are tough and challenging Range Rovers Sport can confidently deliver.• Lamborghini Gallardo – Well Praised for its uplift beauty and performance for many years. Lamborghini Gallardo will always impress you when it comes to car performance acceleration and elegance; you will be definitely captured by just watching it raced by many cars available today. With its 5.2L V10 engine and has top speed of 198 Mph sure it does sounds fast like a speeding bullet.4.) Celebrated Exotic Miami Car RentalsAs there are lots of Luxury Car Rentals available in Miami from the fastest to the grandest, but what really would be the key to choose the specific type of luxury car maybe would matter on the taste of class on the car renter because if we could only maneuver all those exotic cars ourselves why not take all of them and try them to test the best deal to take. But since, it’s too expensive to do so. Our professional Staffs will handle will listen to your specific car needs and customization to give you only the best among the best to choose from the Luxury cars we offer: BMW, Bentley, Cadillac Escalade, Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, Audi R8, Porsche Panamera, Lamborghini Gallardo, Lamborghini Aventador and many more don’t hinder yourself to try and test drive the best luxury cars we offer in Miami Fl.

So what are you waiting for contact us now at we will be happy to hear from you soon only in the Leading Car Rentals in Miami, Exotic Car Rental Miami Group. Reserved now and ride the Luxury Cars of your dream!

Our team is incredibly passionate about serving the Miami, Florida area with the finest luxury vehicle rentals possible. Our commitment to quality and creating a superb rental experience has earned us a reputation as the top exotic car rental group in the state. Whether it’s an Audi R8 or a Rolls Royce… we know how to setup you up to be rolling in style. Our number one mission is to provide you with an unforgettable experience that you can’t wait to have again. Give us a call now at and we’ll set you up in your very own luxury rental.